Science Thrill with Lali Gill!


Does our sun have a twin? What would happen if a bat took melatonin? What's Tiktaalik roseae? Science Thrill was a monthly live comedy show that explored these questions and more through sketches, improvised characters, and research talks by local comedians, plus animations, games, wacky props, and interviews with ACTUAL scientists! Every month, the cast and audience delved into a specific topic in science ranging from "Time" to "The Genome" to "Ancient Earth," along with notable scientist guests like fly geneticist Amita Sehgal and paleontologist Ted Daeschler.

Science Thrill with Lali Gill was performed at Good Good Comedy Theatre in Philadelphia, PA in 2016 and 2017. It was written and produced by Hasreet Gill and Brett Rader, and featured a cast of talented comedians from the area.



Lali shares a study about bees pretty much playing basketball, and the show gets a surprise guest: a professor who is definitely not a swarm of bees in a trench coat (Chris Berg) on "Science Thrill with Lali Gill: Insects! featuring scientists Stephanie Kroll and Jacob Russell”

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A disgruntled man (Brendan Manklang Kingston) secretly boards Captain Lali’s spaceship DJ $tarlight and gives some strong opinions about space. From "Science Thrill with Lali Gill: The Finale Frontier!"

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